Tours and Trekking in Nepal

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We at Asahi Treks and Expedition believe in offering the best service and value for your holiday needs, from leisurely family holidays to enthralling and exciting adventures, At Ashai treks we strive to facilitate your needs diligently. Located in the heart of Thamel, we offer a team of experienced and friendly personnel of highly experienced guides assisted by equally experienced cooks and assisting teams.Trekking in Nepal

At Asahi Treks, you can enjoy your online booking trip according to your time frame within the magical mystical Himalayan country of Nepal. Your trip starts from the moment you arrive at the airport as you make your way to the colorful and bustling streets of Thamel, you will experience a plethora of colors fragrances and happy smiling people, just a way Nepal welcomes its guests into its arms.Cultural tours

The best time to to visit nepal for trekking:
March to may: Considered one of the best season to trek in Nepal, with the advent of spring the flora and fauna will be in full bloom and the temperature mild, The temperatures are mild in lower altitudes (900-2000m)making the Annapurna region the perfect trekiing destination,
treks above 4000m usally have moderate tempratures and are accompined by blue clear skies.
Another attractive trekking season in nepal is between September and mid december,as this season comes after the moonsoon which cleans the atmosphere for autumn this is also the ideal time for trekking,peak climbing as it accompines clear skies,incridible views and moderate tempratures. just be careful not to start too early to catch the last of the monsoon or too late when the tempratures start becoming chilly.
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Asahi Treks is proud to offer its best services to all of our guests.We pride ourself  for our travel arrangements, customized or otherwise with customer satisfaction our only goal.Cultural tours



Asahi Treks and Expedition (P.) Ltd. is located in the tourist center of Thamel in Kathmandu bringing a wealth of trekking experience in the mountain and Himalayas, supported by a team of experienced guides, cooks, and Sherpas. Whether walking about the Himalayan foothills, trekking through the middle valleys or scaling the dizzy heights of major peaks, we take care of it all. Asahi provides all the sensible equipment for your comfort such as, large tents, warm down sleeping bags, down jackets, mattresses etc. Our cooks are true chefs of the trail, preparing wondrous buffets to enchant the hungry travelers.Accompanying on the trail, our guides will assist you at every step, they are always  on hand to answer your queries, set up tents, serve up the meals, and attend to your every need.

Asahi Treks is proud to offer its best services to all of our guests.We pride ourself  for our travel arrangements, customized or otherwise with customer satisfaction our only goal.


Conclusion:Trekking in nepal

Asahi Treks handles all travel and trekking arrangements such as flights and land transportation, hotel reservations, sightseeing and treks. For those interested in excursions into the tropical jungles for a wildlife safari, the breathtaking experiences of white water rafting, or climbing major Himalayan peaks, we are here to serve you with all your holiday needs.Asahi Treks has extended its services over to the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet off the beaten trails into mystery, romance and adventure. Let us show this wonderful country in a series of wonderful tours and breathtaking treks. from the Himalayan trails to middle hills or the Terai (Plains) ,with Asahi treks no place is beyond your reach.

Our Specialities:

  • Guide and porter owned and operated
  • eighteen years experience in porterage, guiding, and managing trekking companies
  • Service and satisfaction of the company list of credentials

We were a group of young aspirants that  started from very humble beginnings in the travel and trekking industry and as we have grown so has our expertise, with almost two decades of experience in this industry we assure you value for your money and time when you come to us for your holiday needs.

let our experience and expertise at Asahi Treks ensure you of a memorable and wonderful holiday experience.

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