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As you travel further east from Darjeeling and Sikkim, you come to “Druk Yul” as it is known in the native Dzongkha language and is a Buddhist Himalayan kingdom which is locked in time. This is Bhutan with the seat of government in the capital Thimpu. It is still ruled by a king with his various council of ministers who along with the citizens still don the native attire the”kira”; infact, it is mandatory for all citizens to wear the national dress. The people are predominantly Buddhists and hail from a Tibetan lineage and they are mainly Dukpas and Bhutias. Once again there is also a significant presence of Nepali migrants.

Bhutan’s national sport and pastime is archery and competitions are held on a regular basis and draws large crowds. Entry into Bhutan is regulated and controlled as it aims to preserve its customs and culture and discourages western or outside influence. This they have done with considerable success. There are very few environmentally well preserved countries in the world and Bhutan happens to be one of them. The river water is fed by glaciers and pine forests and the apples are one of the crispiest in the world. Agriculture, cattle rearing and hydro power are its mainstay. One can fly directly into Paro, Bhutan from Kathmandu on its national carrier Druk Air. Flying into Paro itself is a whole new experience as you wind your way between steep hills and mountains.

Cultural Tours

We offer you an opportunity to have an insight into the religion, culture, ecology and life in this beautiful country. The distinct architecture, the intricate paintings, unusual handicrafts and the cottage industries are very impressive and inspiring. The tours introduce the visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture including sacred dance festivals and pilgrimage sites. Depending on the length of your holiday and your interest please choose one of the trips recommended below and contact us for its realization.