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mardi himal trekTo say that Nepal is the ultimate destination for trekking would be an understatement. Any passionate trekker should not miss an opportunity to come over to Nepal and trek. we offers a wide variety of Trekking experience, from the easy 1 – 2 day hikes to more challenging and exciting treks, treks that can extend up to many weeks. In fact, the Lonely Planet recommends the Mustang trek in Nepal as one of the seven best destinations in the world. Trekking to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, and to the high passes which were and still are trading routes , is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

why Nepal for Treks?

Nepal’s rich and diverse flora and fauna is on offer for those who choose to undertake these treks. Whether you are simply a nature lover, an ardent bird watcher or someone who relishes exotic orchids and flowers. you will not be disappointed. The highest peaks in the world tower above you with the blue skies as backdrop, As you wind your way through quaint villages with barley and buckwheat fields.

Glaciers are also a magnificent sight that you will take your breath away. The cool, crisp air combines with the local flora to rejuvenate your lungs. The trails  created by natural movement of man and animal wind through beautiful villages, hamlets,Monasteries, Chhorten and mani walls Buddhist religion. Glacial lakes and towering waterfalls offer some of the world’s best backdrops .


The treks in Nepal  offer an opportunity to be up close and personal with the simple village folk, their lifestyle and culture. You will get an opportunity to witness how they eke out their living without the bare essentials that we normally take for granted. Despite such hardship, children, men and women will greet strangers with smiling faces and they do not mind the occasional visitor passing through the courtyard of their houses. Come join us for peaceful, serene and scenic treks that will revitalize you and leave you with  wonderful memories and a rejuvenated mind, body and soul.