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anjan thapa
Anjan Thapa (Kumar)President

Born in Dhading in 1977,Kumar aka Anjan Thapa “Kumar” had humble beginnings in his village in rural Nepal. Born and bred in the mountainous regions of Nepal, he shares an affinity for the hills and mountains. He had a desire to show people his beautiful country at the same time do something for his community. Thus, he embarked on his journey to see his dreams to fruition. He passionately got involved in the trekking industry working as a Trekking staff and guide from 1996. As he gained experience and knowledge in this area, he started Haru Treks and Expeditions along with a partner in 2000. it was a learning curve and the business expanded and his repute grew.

Kumar set up Asahi Treks and Expeditions in 2004 and is successfully conducting treks and expeditions till date.

Social & Professional Commitments

He is the Managing Director of Asahi Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. But his responsibilities go  beyond such endeavors.

Kumar Thapa has been entrusted with the responsibility as the Treasurer of TAAN ( Trekking Agent’s Assn. of Nepal ), he was the former Vice-President of Association for Tourism and currently its Advisor. He is the founder of Trust and Care Montessori School. He is one of the promoters of Tourism Development Bank & General secetary of “Om nave udya co-operative”. Asahi rent-a-car service is also a subsidiary of Asahi Treks. His promotion of healthcare extended to yoga when he established Himalaya International Yoga Academy which runs a popular centre in Kathmandu.

Awards and Accolades

Because of his contribution to the community, Mr. Thapa received an award from the then Tourism Minister in association with Gantabya Nepal Publication. He has contributed substantially to his district ( Dhading ) and community in the form of a community school, ambulance services and drinking water projects. He is still committed to such social initiatives.

Conferences and Travel & Trade Fairs

He has attended the Global Warming Seminar and Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2010. He was invited to attend the Tokyo Nepal fair and managed to attract potential agents and travelers to make Nepal a must-visit destination. His achievements were further highlighted when he travelled to the South Korea travel show. Similarly, he has also attended One world travel mart event organized in California, USA and Adventure travel show organized in Sydney, Australia.
Besides these countries, Mr. Thapa has travelled to countries like India, China, Singapore,Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia,Indonesia,Philipines,Bangladesh,Japan ,South Korea,Combodia, Laos,Myanmar,Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland. His travels mostly focused on promoting Nepal to potential visitors and adventure seekers to Nepal.