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Sometimes the term Mountaineering and Climbing remain very confusing as far as the definition of being in the Himalayas is concerned. Though the Thesaurus finds them to be synonyms in the true context, they bear different meaning in the context of the Himalayas.

Mountaineering denotes high altitude climb whereas climbing attributes to the hiking to relatively smaller Peaks in the context of the Himalayas. Thus there is a clear definition relating to the mountaineering and climbing and Climbing means in the true sense of the terms attempting to reach one of the summit of the snowcapped mountains that are under the Nepal Mountaineering Association and a climb to such a Peak is relatively very much affordable but gives the experience of being at the summit of one of the Peaks one of the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas. Being on top of one of the Peaks of the Himalayas is a kind of dream fulfilled. You can achieve this zeal with us and for further information; you are welcome to write to us.