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Welcome to the roof of the world Everest. One of the most sought after destination for trekking and expeditions .”khumbu” as the region is known locally. Everest Trekking  offers to its visitors beautiful and scenic landscapes, Rare wildlife like the ever elusive snow leopard  and the massive Himalayan griffon , an intact local culture un-affected by the influx of tourists and easily accessible modern amenities.

Routes and treks in Everest:

There are many routes you can choose from in this region, the classic Jiri to base camp trek ,which was used like the pioneers like sir hillary and in their first accent. The lukla basecamp route ,and others like the Chola pass the Gokyo ri trek and  the Everest panorama trek.

From a hair-raising flight to lukla at the altitude of 2840m  To breathtaking mountain scenery ,enchanting villages , hamlets and mystical monasteries, Everest Trekking guarantees  you memories to last a lifetime.

Come join us as we take you on a unforgettable experience of Everest.