Trust & Pre Care School

Trust and Care Pre-School Pvt. Ltd was solely started with the objective of providing pre-school, hands on learning to underprivileged and marginalized children of Nepal. The mushrooming of such Montessori-based pre-schools in the country has so far catered to children coming from middle-class or affluent backgrounds. Children coming from poor backgrounds cannot dream of access to such education and materials. Thus, our aim has been to give such children a solid foundation by providing that opportunity. Scholarships and freeships or are also awarded to deserving and needy children; with the help of sponsors of course.

Currently, approximately 50 children are enrolled in the school and the school is situated in Ichangu-Narayan in Kathmandu. The school runs classes from Pre-School to Upper Kindergarten and has a small team of dedicated staff – some of whom have volunteered their help. Our aim is to do more and help more.

The school also prioritizes healthcare and regular health check ups are conducted by registered Paediatricians and other health experts who also provide advice on nutrition.

We also encourage extra-curricular activities music, swimming, dance and organize an annual parent’s day. Regular field trips are conducted for cultural and historical educational value.

Please contact us if you would either like to enrol your child here or render us financial support to sponsor a child.