Holidays in Nepal

This season  we have seen over 470000 visitors to Nepal, So why is Nepal a popular tourist destination ?

Over the years the tourism industry in Nepal has evolved a great deal , we now have extreme adventure sports ranging from paragliding ,whitewater rafting, bungee jumping and recently added skydiving , Yes! we do have all of these activities in Nepal now.

There are newly added trekking routes that take us to wonderful destinations highlighting the natural beauty of Nepal, The traditional trekking route have been upgraded with better maintained walking paths comfortable teahouses with modern amenities emergency medical support plus easy rescue by air, nothing is left to chance.

Tourism in Nepal after Pandemic 

All of these facilities and amenities that have changed the face of tourism in Nepal just goes to prove that Nepal is still one of the best tourist destination in the world and we are ready to welcome all of our guests with open arms .

Nepal is reviving itself from the effects of the pandemic, The tourism industry here suffered greatly during this period but in the true nepali spirit of survival we persisted  and we are rising to new heights setting new goals for our self .


Visit Nepal for its natural beauty, visit Nepal for its magnificent mountains, visit Nepal to experience our hospitality .

Come as a Visitor and leave as a friend with memories to last a lifetime.

See you soon..!

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